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Sam and MarkSam and Mark wrote on April 4, 2014 on 8:48 am:
Dear Jan and Keith. It's with great regret that I have to say that my beautiful baby Ted (Shadlian Marival) died on Mothers Day. He was almost 12 years old. He was a naughty, stubborn little bugger for a long time, but in general he was the most amusing dog who gave us many, many laughs over the years. Hope you keep breeding these wonderful dogs! Thank you for allowing us to have the pleasure of owning and loving Ted from a tiny pup to an old man. Sam and Mark xxx
Liz AtkinsLiz Atkins wrote on January 2, 2014 on 5:09 pm:
Hi Jan & Keith Matty wants me to let you know that she is going for a long walk this year. She is going to put her best paw forward and join me in walking the 750 miles of the Welsh Coast Path to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. She wants you to know that you can sponsor her on and she would be delighted if any other Airedales wanted to join in along the way.
heidiheidi wrote on December 29, 2013 on 10:23 pm:
Hi Jan and Keith
Rupert turned 2 years old on xmas eve and hes just the loveliest dog you could wish for ,he is so gentle and loving to everyone.We took him to the suffolk dog show in the spring and entered him into a fun competition which was the most handsome dog and out of 60 dogs he came 2nd we were so proud of him and he enjoyed every minute of the attention ,he loves to be on show. Hope you all had a lovely xmas love Heidi Giles and family x
Melissa JenkinsMelissa Jenkins from London wrote on September 22, 2012 on 9:48 am:
Raz (Shadlian Orange Wine) says hello from down south. He's very busy chewing on his bone and pretending he doesn't understand us contemplating another BRT to keep him company!
Linda mcVeyLinda mcVey from Canada wrote on May 28, 2012 on 3:25 pm:
Love your website Jan! Your airedales are gorgeous. Looking forward to meeting you one day!
heidiheidi wrote on April 16, 2012 on 6:11 pm:
Hi Jan and Keith Rupert Bear has settled in so well he is 17 weeks old now and he sits,give paw ,lays down and rolls over sometimes without being told when he sees his treat.Everywhere we go someone stops us to admire him which he loves.He is so lovely and soft natured and he is best friends with Mally our cat who is a year old they play for ages ,Holly our little poodle loves him but shes the boss and he always gives into her even though hes twice her size. Will send you some pictures soon Thanks for our lovely rupert Love Heidi Giles Conner Scarlett and Selby x
Mike CoatesMike Coates from UK wrote on March 19, 2012 on 11:41 pm:
Hi Jan & Keith,

Back in March 2004 we became the proud owners of Shadlian Loveable Rogue(Tosca) Sired from Shadlian Speedy Gonzalez (Hardy) and Dam Shadlian High Jinks "Jinks". Our Loveable Rogue completed our family and became loved by all, he stopped everyone in the street with his proud stature and gentle nature. He was our Pride and Joy.
Today sadly Loveable Rogue Tosca passed away after a short illness. He will be dearly missed and will remain in our thoughts always, a truly unforgettable companion.


Mike & Barbara
the Dawson familythe Dawson family wrote on December 26, 2011 on 3:13 pm:
Congratulations on your new arrivals. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year, Hudson our Adorable Airedale and Lovely Layla the RBT say hi. See you in 2012.
HeidiHeidi wrote on December 9, 2011 on 8:02 am:
Hi cant wait for puppies to be born in December keep checking the website for updates on Dilly hoping for a boy to join our family x
Maggie BloorMaggie Bloor from York, UK wrote on September 26, 2011 on 12:59 pm:
Hi Jan and Keith,

Just wanted to thank you for the really wonderful 6 years that Jinks allowed us to share her life. It is hard to put into words what makes each airedale so special, it could be that she knocked on the door when she wanted to come in, but wouldn't enter until I invited her in, or the way that she preferred to drink water from the children's sandpit, mop bucket, or any other suitable scruffy container, or it could have been the way she patrolled the perimeter of the garden at least 3 times a day and gave an all clear bark to Rosie. It's possible that her food choices gave her an edge - lamb madras was her favorite, she couldn't sit still or keep quiet if we had a takeaway, or it could have been the way that she came in at 5pm on the dot for her tea and nudged me until I fed her. Such a well brought up girl! I could go on and on - an airedale owner's trait I know, but she really was the best.

We'll miss her so much

Much love and Thanks

Maggie & Steve
Liz AtkinsLiz Atkins from South Africa wrote on June 7, 2011 on 5:19 pm:
Matty has had 9 beautiful pups from SA CH Albenor Here I Am - 4 girls and 5 boys. All strong and healthy and prefer to be outside even on the coldest wettest day of the Cape winter. She continues to give us endless pleasure (despite the fact that chose to go AWOL on our mountain walk on Sunday - most unlike her). We are keeping one of the boys - Crosby - so we hope he will be as loving and as loveable as his Mum.
Claire and Alan DoyleClaire and Alan Doyle from Marlow wrote on May 22, 2011 on 7:51 pm:
Hi Keith

Our lovely Otis has hit hit 6 months mark and is doing really well. We show all visitors the footage of his Dad Jaxx winning at Crufts - the kids love it too. He is bouncy and full of beans - partial to pinching sausages off the kitchen worktop and can hear the dishwasher door open from the end of the garden !

When will he bea ready for his first clip as he looks a bit scruffy as his coat is still transitioning to adult coat?

Thnaks and Best

Claire and Alan
David WoodDavid Wood from Rotherham wrote on May 12, 2011 on 11:50 am:

Looking forward to the puppys being born around the 21st got our name down on the puppy list. Had Airedales in the past and they are the best breed in my opinion. I think you have a great website and look forward to hearing from you in the next couple of weeks!!!

Aileen RedmondAileen Redmond from Rotherham wrote on March 15, 2011 on 7:39 pm:
Hi Keith an Jan, we bought Shadlian Millersdale from you in 2007, He has jus had his 4th birthday 7/3/2011 I would just like to say WOW what an amazing dog he is ive had a few different breeds in my time but never a dog so gentle relaxed infact Miller is so relaxed he's horizontal ive had visitors come to my house an thought he was a toy because he never mooved he's taken over the leather bean bag as his own and will share it with you, but more importantly my job as a childminder ...all the children love him to bits he enjoys all the attention an loves to play with the children in the holidays we take him for long walks he looks out for the children if one falls over he's there fussing away and being a large dog yet so gentle but such a character, altho he has all these wonderful qualities he still has a naughty but funny trait leave the gates open an he's off an so are we for about an hour until he decides he's had his fun an comes back he's so comical with it you jus can't help but smile what a wonderful dog he is ....thank you.x
Tanisha BretonTanisha Breton from Priceless Yorkie Puppy wrote on January 30, 2011 on 6:40 am:
Very impressed by your site, references. My feeling is that you are very professional and know what you are doing.Tanisha Breton -Priceless Yorkie Puppy
Steven & Elizabeth DavenportSteven & Elizabeth Davenport wrote on September 14, 2010 on 1:43 pm:
We want to inform you that we had to have our Airedale Kai(Shadlian Malokai) put to sleep recently. He was just over 10yrs old and we got him from you when he was about 8 months old. He was a great dog, a right plodder never caused us any problems and he was the Alan Wicker of the dog world as we moved to New Zealand for 2yrs and he spent many a happy time on the beaches of the southern hemisphere.
SabinaSabina wrote on December 13, 2009 on 3:48 pm:
I have just discovered Your site, browsing trough different pages.
I like Your Blackies very much and You have very nice pictures with BRT and children. They really love children!
Sabina & Blackies
Linda EvesLinda Eves from Great Britian wrote on September 28, 2009 on 10:32 pm:
Hi Keith & Jan,
Love your new web site, congrats. Just wanted to let you both know, we got a rescue dog. Exactly a week after we lost Snowy. I was so pleased, as Storm developed a large bald spot on her tummy due to stress. He is a handsome 5 year old boy, Storm loves him, in fact,she mothers him. He is very dark ginger in colour, so makes Storm look so like Snowy. She is still very active, my little shadow.
All the best,
Linda xx
Rodney & IsabelRodney & Isabel from UK wrote on August 13, 2009 on 6:20 pm:
Hi Jan & Keith great to see your new site.Alls well here Whinnie sends her love she can still show them youngsters what to do.Meet up soon
Angela JardineAngela Jardine wrote on August 3, 2009 on 6:48 pm:
Really pleased to see your new web site. Our Airedale Jazz (Shadlian Cloudberry) who was 8 in June is still doing well, although she is slowing up on walks now, and given the choice would probably stay at home! She still entertains us all with her 'airedale' ways and has definately made us into airedale converts. We can't imagine ever being without one now.

Best Wishes
Angela Jardine, Worksop

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