During one of our regular visits to the Montgomery County show, in Pennsylvania, a fine upstanding dog caught our eye. DakotaThat dog was Am Ch. Highpoint’s Dakota (left)and we decided we would like to use him to introduce new blood to our lines. We attempted this by bringing frozen semen from ‘Dakota’ to England to produce puppies by artificial insemination. This would prove to be the first time this had been acheived in Airedale Terriers in the UK.

We applied to the English Kennel Club for prior permission as required, and permission was duly granted to inseminate two bitches; Shadlian UessaySally Windsor2F(below) and Shadlian Tiga.TigaSKC98 Sally (Shadlian Uessay) was the first bitch in season and on the 10th May 1999 she gave birth to 5 PUPSICLES, three girls and two boys.

Of these pupsicles:-
‘Cece ‘ (Shadlian High Tea) went to the USA to begin a show career with Dick Leslie (Highpoint) who co-owned Cece’s father Highpoint’s Dakota. Her little brothers and sisters remained in England. Webster (Shadlian Aimin’ High for Daedal),see below,WEBSTER 3 went to Rodney and Isobel Eastall and enjoyed a very successful show career over a number of years.

In July 1999 eight pupsicles were born to Shadlian Tiga(above). Three boys and five girls.

Of these pupsicles:-
Katie (Shadlian Safarian Ms Brown),see right,KatieMont went to the USA to begin a show career with co-owner of Highpoint’s Dakota, Diana Dozier, and lives in Seattle with her co-owner Abbe Stashower. She became a Champion with 3 majors during 2001.

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Patricia Mitchell
Commented:  September 8, 2015 at 11:54 pm()

We were in Cleethorpes today and I spotted a very handsome Airedale dog (Teddy) I asked who the breeder was and I was told it was you. I have had 6 Airedales and I love the breed and I am considering getting another to go with the chocolate Labrador that we rescued 4 years ago. How much are your Airedale puppies and when do you have a litter due. I bought my last Airedale bitch from Sylvia and John Hicks at Jonvias. I have known them both for many years (work colleagues) she was my first bitch and I would never have another dog after having the privileged to own her, a sad loss at 8 years old to a blood disorder; Sylvia and John are no longer breeding them.
I look forward to hearing from you
Kind regards
Vazon bridge House

Puppies were born Monday Sept 7th

Commented:  October 20, 2016 at 2:24 am()

I’m looking for a male airdale terrier puppy.


Carol Pringle
Commented:  January 7, 2019 at 11:09 pm()

Good evening
We are looking for a sister for Lola our 12month Airedale
Have you got puppies available
Kindest regards

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