changed address!!!!!!

Hi Everyone, We have moved house and telephone number has changed We are in avillage called Morton, North Lincs.

Jan & Keith

Tel 01427 679675 or 07974416702

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  1. Cathryn Pattinson says:

    Hi Jan and Keith,
    was looking you up on your website as was looking for a facebook page to follow – guess you might not have one?
    glad I looked you up though as did’nt realise change of address and number! which I ‘ve now got! so you may not have had my last couple of xmas cards with photos of Ginger! will get one to you this year.
    Ginger is doing fine now my senior dog – nine and half years, still thinks he s a puppy of nine and a half months some days, but age is showing a little bit now. He is my only pet left now as all the rabbits, guinea pigs and cats have sadly gone but Ginger is still by my side.
    best wishes Cathryn Pattinson and family x

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