Tinka(Shadlian Glitterberry) in season today and will be mated in 11 to 14 days time.Hopefully puppies due around 20th June.

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Airedale puppies

For the people  who have asked to be put on our list, we are still waiting for Dixie to come into season so will not be having puppies now until around January.Sorry!!  Jan & Keith

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Airedale trimming and grooming

Have your Airedale groomed and trimmed so it looks like an Airedale not a poodle!!.

Ring Jan or Keith on 07974416702

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changed address!!!!!!

Hi Everyone, We have moved house and telephone number has changed We are in avillage called Morton, North Lincs.

Jan & Keith

Tel 01427 679675 or 07974416702

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